Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with high Resolution and Contrast Color LED Display with Carrying Pouch and Wrist String

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Product Description

Specifications: Dimensions: 60 mm (L) X 35 mm (W) X 32 mm (H) Weight : 50g. Power consumption: less than 30 mA under Normal Operations (less than 1mA in standby). Insert two AAA batteries (please observe correct polarities). Push the Oximeter down from its back to open its rubber finger holder, put your finger on top of it (preferably with nail upward). Release the clamp and press the white Power/Mode toggle button to instantly start measuring the Blood Oxygen saturation (SpO2), Heart Rate (Pulse Rate) and Peripheral Perfusion (on select display modes). Once measured, remove your fingers from the rubber holder (Our Pulse Oximeter measures the parameter continuously in real time till finger is removed) to power off automatically 9when no finger is detected for more than 15 seconds). The display interface changes every time you press the white Power/Mode toggle button

  • Single device to continuously measure Peripheral Perfusion (on select display modes), Blood Oxygen saturation (SpO2) and Heart Rate (Pulse Rate) till finger is released
  • Quick testing time: 5-20s
  • Low battery voltage indicator
  • Automatically Switches Off in 15 seconds after removing the Finger
  • Easy to carry in pocket with small size and 70g (with Batteries) weight

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