InfCloud® Electric Scooter Heavy Duty Metal Full Guard Footrest Accessories Ideal for Scooter Ola Electric S1 & S1 Pro (Black)

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Product Description

durable footrest stand is a typical component of the Ola S1/S1 Pro scooter. The footrest platform is cleverly made to offer stable parking and footing for the scooter. The footrest stand is made of premium metal and delivers sturdiness and long-lasting function. The footrest stand may be quickly folded up when not in use to minimise obstructions when operating the scooter. Simply deploy the stand by extending it downward with your foot when it’s time to park. Even on uneven surfaces, the scooter is stable thanks to the stand’s firm support in its upright position. The footrest stand is placed on the side of the scooter in a way that makes it simple to access and convenient to park. Its ergonomic design guarantees that it is simple to use and understand. You can easily park your Ola S1/S1 Pro scooter wherever you want with the footrest stand because it will stay firmly in place.

. Made Up of Heavy Duty Iron Rod & Aluminium Plate For Long Term Durablity and Easy to Riding.. Designed As A Safety Equipment For The Rear Rider For Resting The Foot. Heavy Duty Iron Rods.. Easy to install by a Professional, Good superb Quality Footrest We Provide.. Footrest Stand Compatible For Scooter Ola Electric S1 and S1 Pro.

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