Flat Elastic Fabric 3 Layer Surgical Disposable Face Mask against dust, bacteria, viruses (Pack of 100)

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Product Description

Disposable Surgical Face Mask

    • Standard GB2626-2006
    • Filtering rate <=95%
    • Inspiratory resistance <=175 Pa
    • Expiratory resistance <=145 Pa

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    2. Strict standard and high quality with ISO,FDA&CE
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Disposable Surgical Face Mask Product description

ProductDisposable Surgical 3 Ply Medical Face Mask for Corona


MaterialOuter layer: PP Non-woven 25-35gsm
Filter layer: Melt-blown Filter Material 25-30gsm
Inner layer: PP Non-woven 20-25gsm
CertificateCE, ISO, FDA
Standard1, BFE≥99%;
2, PFE≥99%;
3. Polypropylene inner and outer facing assures comfortable on the inside and protection on the outside;
4, Conform with GB2626 2006;

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